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Metarhizium is a genus of entomopathogenic fungi that is widely used in agriculture for biological pest control. These fungi are naturally occurring soil-dwelling organisms that infect and kill a variety of insect pests. Metarhizium-based products are employed as biopesticides to control pest populations.


Benefits of Metarhizium:

  • Application:

    • Metarhizium-based products are typically applied as sprays or dusts. The spores of the fungus are formulated into products that can be easily distributed in the field.
  • Crop Protection:

    • Metarhizium is used to protect a variety of crops, including cereals, vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants, from insect pests. It is particularly valuable in organic farming and sustainable agriculture.
  • Residual Activity:

    • Metarhizium has the potential for residual activity in the environment. Once applied, the spores can persist and continue to infect insects over time, providing longer-term pest control


Metarhizium-based biopesticides contribute to sustainable agriculture by providing an alternative to chemical insecticides. When used correctly and as part of an integrated approach, they can be an effective tool in managing insect pests while minimizing the impact on non-target organisms and the environment.


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