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Super Potash Humate, also known as humic acid or potassium humate, is a natural organic compound derived from humic substances found in soil, peat, lignite, and other organic matter. It is a key component of humic substances and is widely used in agriculture as a soil amendment and plant growth enhancer.



Benefits of Super Potash Humate:

  • Composition:

    • Super Potash Humate is rich in humic acids, which are complex organic molecules formed through the decomposition of plant and animal matter. It also contains fulvic acids and humin. The potassium content in Super Potash Humate is a notable feature.
  • Soil Amendment:

    • Humic acids in Super Potash Humate improve soil structure, increase water retention, and enhance nutrient availability. They contribute to the formation of stable soil aggregates, reducing soil erosion and enhancing overall soil health.
  • Nutrient Chelation:

    • Humic acids have the ability to chelate or bind with essential nutrients, making them more available to plants. This chelation helps prevent nutrient leaching and enhances nutrient uptake by plant roots.
  • Stimulates Microbial Activity:

    • Super Potash Humate acts as a microbial stimulant, promoting the activity of beneficial soil microorganisms. This microbial activity contributes to nutrient cycling, organic matter decomposition, and the suppression of harmful pathogens.
  • pH Regulation:

    • Humic acids can help regulate soil pH by acting as a buffer. They have the ability to neutralize both acidic and alkaline soils, creating a more optimal pH range for plant growth.
  • Stress Tolerance:

    • Super Potash Humate is known to enhance the stress tolerance of plants. It can help plants cope with various environmental stresses such as drought, salinity, and temperature extremes.
  • Improved Plant Growth:

    • Application of Super Potash Humate is associated with increased root development, improved nutrient uptake, and enhanced overall plant growth. It can be used for a wide range of crops, including vegetables, fruits, and field crops.
  • Seed Treatment:

    • Treating seeds with Super Potash Humate can improve germination rates and seedling vigor. It provides early nutritional support to young plants.
  • Foliar Application:

    • Super Potash Humate can be applied as a foliar spray, delivering humic acids directly to the leaves. Foliar application enhances nutrient absorption, especially during critical growth stages.
  • Compatibility with Other Inputs:

    • Super Potash Humate is often compatible with other fertilizers and agrochemicals. It can be integrated into existing fertilization programs.
  • Organic Farming:

    • Super Potash Humate is commonly used in organic farming practices as it is a natural and organic input. It aligns with principles of sustainable agriculture.


It's important to follow recommended application rates and guidelines provided by manufacturers when using Super Potash Humate. The efficacy of humic acid products can vary based on factors such as soil type, crop type, and environmental conditions. Farmers often conduct soil tests to determine the specific needs of their crops and adjust application rates accordingly.

Super Potash Humate - Super Potassium Humate, Organic Fertilizer

1 Liter
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