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Vermicompost- VERMI ORGANIC RICH is the best vermi compost that is organic and natural and alternative to chemical fertilizers, providing essential nutrients to plants while improving soil structure and fertility. It enhances soil health, promotes beneficial microbial activity and aids in water retention, leading to  increased crop yields.



Specifications of vermi organic rich-Vermicompost:

Microbial Composition:

Azotobacter: Minimum 1 billion colony-forming units (CFU) per gram

Phospho Bacteria: Minimum 1 billion CFU per gram

Potassium Mobilization Bacteria: Minimum 1 billion CFU per gram

Mycorrhiza: Minimum 1,000 propagules per gram


Nutrient Composition:

Nitrogen (N): Minimum 2%

Phosphorus (P): Minimum 1.5%

Potassium (K): Minimum 1.5%

Calcium (Ca): Minimum 2.5%

Magnesium (Mg): Minimum 0.7%

Sulphur (S): Minimum 0.7%

Micronutrients (Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese): Present in increased concentrations


Organic Matter Content: Minimum 40%

pH Range: 6.5 to 7.5

Moisture Content: Maximum 40%

C:N Ratio (Carbon to Nitrogen ratio): Approximately 25:1

Particle Size of vermicompost: Fine granular texture, free from large chunks or lumps

Odor: Earthy, natural scent without any foul smell

Pathogen-free: Free from harmful pathogens, weed seeds, and contaminants

Moisture Retention: Excellent water holding capacity, aiding in efficient irrigation and moisture regulation in the soil

Shelf Life: Minimum 6 months from the date of packaging, when stored under proper conditions

Packaging: Available in bags or bulk quantities as per customer requirements


Package Quantity- Available in  5kg ,25kg 40kg bags.


Importnace of Vermi compost - Vermi Organic Rich

For various reasons, vermicompost is essential to contemporary gardening and farming practices.

Soil Restoration

Organic Farming

Lessening of the Environmental Impact

Food Security

Greenhouse gardening

Interaction with the Community

For gardening, farming, and environmental sustainability, vermi compost is more than just a soil supplement. With all of its advantages—from improving soil to lessening reliance on chemicals and easing environmental problems—it is a priceless tool in our fight for a more sustainable future.

Package Quantity- Available in  5kg ,10kg 40kg and 50kg bags.


Vermi Organic Rich-Vermi compost Dosage.



Paddy, Corn, Red Gram, Green Gram, Soya, Chilli, Cotton, Tobacco, Vegetables

200 – 500 Kgs per Acre

Ground Nut, Sunflower, Caster Oil, Turmeric, Sugarcane and Flower Plants

400 – 700 Kgs per Acre

Mango, Coconut, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Guava, Pomogrante, Palm oil, Banana, Papaya, Grapes, Fig (Anjeer)

2 – 10 Kgs per Plant

Poted Plants, Decorative Plants

150-500 Grams per Plant


Vermicompost-Vermi Organic Rich - 100% Organic Manure

40 Kilograms
Excluding Sales Tax
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